Managing your on-line marketing features

The Xperience On-line marketing solution enables you to manage the following features:


Bring new traffic to your website and promote your brand and products with campaigns. Monitor which channels, such as emails, Facebook or Twitter, are most effective.

Contact management

Gather information about visitors and track their activities on the websites. Provides a centralized overview of all contacts who visit your websites.

  • Contact groups – segment your website visitors into groups with shared characteristics.
  • Contact import – import contacts from CSV files into Xperience and segment them automatically.
  • Scoring – numerically evaluate contacts based on their properties and activities.
  • Salesforce integration – automatically synchronize contacts with leads in your Salesforce organization.

A/B testing

Create different versions of pages and evaluate them according to the behavior of visitors.

Content personalization

Create pages that display different content depending on the circumstances in which they are viewed.

Email marketing

Promote your business and products or keep in touch with existing contacts by sending marketing emails.

Marketing automation

Configure the system to automatically run and maintain marketing processes for your website visitors.

Web analytics

Measure and analyze key metrics of your website such as visits, page views, and traffic sources.


Define the typical visitor groups of your sites and assign them to the persona they fit the best.

Permission requirements

 To be able to work with the on-line marketing features, you need to have permissions for individual on-line marketing modules assigned by your administrator.