Configuring sender email addresses

Some applications within Xperience can be configured to send automated emails. You can modify the email addresses from which these applications send emails in the Settings application. The table below lists all configurable sender email addresses and their location and name within the Settings application:


Setting name



No-reply email address

The system’s default sender email address. Used for all types of automated system emails if no other email address is specified.


Send email notifications from

Sender address used for the following system email notifications:

Content -> Translation services

Default email sender

Sender address used by the default email translation service when no user email address is available, for example in the case of translations submitted automatically or via the API.

Content -> Content management

Send workflow emails from

Sender address of workflow email notifications. You can also use the Someone<>format.

Security & Membership -> Passwords

Send password emails from

Sender address of password recovery emails.


Send e-commerce emails from

Sender address of e-commerce notification emails.