Setting the layout and default content of widget dashboards

The overall design and initial content of a widget dashboard in the administration interface is determined by its page template.

You can manage dashboard templates in the Administration interface application on the Page templates tab. The templates of the default dashboards are in the Dashboard pages category.

Note: Dashboard templates must have the Template type property set to Dashboard page on the General tab.

Set up the actual content of the template on the Design tab:

  • To alter the placement, size and amount of zones on the template, edit the code of the page layout on the Layout tab.

  • You can define two types of zones on dashboard templates:

    • Web part zones – the content can only be managed here on the Design tab of the page template. The added web parts function as fixed content on the dashboard page itself. The Widget zone type property of these zones must be set to None.

    • Dashboard widget zones – widgets added here on the Design tab serve as the default content of the zone. Individual users can change and configure the widget content of the zone for their own personalized version of the dashboard. The Widget zone type property of these zones must be set to Dashboard.

      Note: Widgets that you add to zones on the Design tab only represent the default content. Changes that you make to the default widgets do NOT affect the dashboards of individual users if they have already modified the content.

Editing the content of a dashboard template

To learn how to assign a page template to a specific dashboard page, see the example in Adding widget dashboards to the interface.

Adding widget actions

Add the Widget actions web part into the fixed content of every dashboard template. The web part allows users to:

  • Add new widgets
  • Reset the zones of the dashboard to their default widget content

Configure the Widget zone ID property of the Widget actions web part – specify the dashboard zone to which the web part adds new widgets (enter the ID of the desired zone). Once created, users can drag widgets to other zone as required.