Marketing automation walkthrough - Creating the process

Enterprise license required

Features described on this page require the Kentico Xperience Enterprise license.

With the testing users and roles prepared, you can start creating the new automation process.

Creating the automation process

Add the process itself and set its recurrence settings:

  1. Sign in to the Xperience administration as Travis.

    • Go to <your domain>/Admin and enter Travis as the user name.
  2. Open the Marketing automation application.

  3. Click New process and select the Start from scratch option.

    • The system creates the process and opens its Process tab (the process designer).
  4. You will design the process later in the walkthrough. For now, expand the left tab panel () and select the General tab.

  5. Type Coffee Merchandise Lead Nurturing as the Display name.

  6. Under Process recurrence, choose: If the process has not run before
    Creating a marketing automation process

  7. Click Save.

By selecting the If the process has not run before recurrence option, you make sure that the process cannot run more than once for the same contact. This ensures that contacts will not receive the same marketing information twice.

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Creating a trigger

Create a trigger that runs the automation process whenever a new contact is created:

  1. Open the Process tab of the process’s editing interface (in Design mode).

  2. Select (click) the Start triggers step in the designer grid.

  3. Click New trigger in the step details panel on the right,andset the details as follows:

    • Display name: UK and US Contacts
    • Type: Contact created
  4. Click Edit next to the Additional condition field.

    • The Edit macro condition dialog opens.
  5. In the Available rules list, select Contact is from country and click Add rule ().

    • You can now see the rule in the designer on the left side of the dialog.
  6. Click the select countries parameter.

    • The Set parameter value dialog opens.
  7. Click Select, choose USA and United Kingdom (you can use the filter at the top of the dialog)and confirm by clicking Select and then Set parameter.

  8. Select Contact was created on a specific date in theAvailable rules list and click Add rule () again.

  9. Click the select date parameter.

  10. Click Today and Set parameter.
    Adding a trigger condition

  11. Close the Edit macro condition dialog by clicking Save & Close.

  12. Click Save to create the trigger.

The trigger runs the process for contacts from the UK and USA created from now onwards.

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