Configuring products

Products are the most important objects in your on-line store. They are the actual things you sell to customers and they are created based on product page types.

One of the steps when configuring an on-line store is to configure products and then add products to the configured site:

  1. Configure product settings.
  2. Set up product structure.
  3. Add products to your site.

Configuring product settings

To configure basic product settings:

  1. Open the Store configuration application (if you want to configure the product settings for the current site) or the Multistore configuration application (if you want to configure the settings globally).

  2. On the Store settings -> General tab, configure the Allow stand-alone SKUs setting

    • Select the field to allow stand-alone SKUs in your on-line store.
    • Standard products contain an SKU object and a page connected to the SKU. Therefore, you can use all advantages of pages. However, stand-alone SKUs (i.e., SKU objects without a connected page) offer better performance when you have a very large number of products (thousands).
  3. Configure the settings in the Product properties category:

    1. Related products relationship name – select a suitable relationship for choosing related products. If you leave (all) in the drop-down list, you can then choose related products from any relationship.
    2. Products are ‘new’ for – specify a number of days during which a product is labeled as a new product.
    3. Public status for ‘new products’ – specify a public status name which is assigned to new products (according to the Products are ‘new’ for setting).
    4. Default product image URL – specify a URL of the default product image, which is displayed for products that do not have their own image. You can use relative paths starting with the tilde character (~).
    5. Keep the advertised price of the products according to their cheapest product variant – select the field to let the system change a product’s price when you create a variant cheaper than the product.
  4. Configure the settings in the Measurement units category:

    1. Mass unit – type the unit in which you weigh your products (for example, kg or oz).
      • This setting is only global – available only in the Multistore configuration application and the Settings application when (global) is selected in the Site drop-down list.
    2. Mass format string – type a format string that is used for displaying weight of products, product options, etc.
  5. Click Save.

Products are now configured according to your needs.

Configuring product structure

When you set up product structure, you can comfortably use the Products application. See Configuring product structure.

Adding products to your site

After configuring product-related settings, add products to your website.