Settings - Search

You can access these settings in the Settings application under the System -> Search category. In this section, you can configure settings related to the search engine on your websites.


Exclude pages (types) from SQL search

Excludes page types, pages or entire sections of the content tree from the SQL search available in the Pages application of the administration interface.

Enable smart search indexing

Indicates whether the system creates indexing tasks whenever content covered by a search index is created, modified or deleted. Affects both Azure Search and locally stored indexes.

This setting is only available if (global) is selected in the Site drop-down list, not for individual sites.

Allowed attachment file types

Specifies which file types are included when searching page attachments. The smart search indexes the content of attachments along with the related pages.

Only applies to indexes of the Pages type that have the Include attachment content option enabled for their allowed content (both Azure Search indexes and local indexes).

Note: If no checkboxes are selected, all supported types of attachment files are indexed.