Adding and removing installation components

After you have installed an Xperience web project, you can use the Installer to additionally modify the project’s components. You can add components that you did not install or remove components which you no longer need.

Note: The component modification only affects the Xperience administration project of an instance, not live site projects.

Adding and removing components after the installation

  1. Run the Installer – open the Windows Start menu and select Kentico Xperience Installer from the Kentico folder.

  2. Click Next on the welcome screen of the Xperience installer.

  3. Select your country, accept the license agreement, and click Next.

  4. Click Modify.

  5. Select the web project you want to modify.

    • Either select an already registered project from the list or select any other folder containing an Xperience web project using the Select another button.
  6. Select the components you want to install and clear the checkboxes for components you want to uninstall.

  7. You can also additionally install Windows the Scheduler Windows service, or register event logging in the Windows Event Viewer.

  8. Click Apply Changes.

The Installer now adds and removes components according to your requirements.


After you use the installer to add components to a project, you need to open the project in Visual Studio and Rebuild the solution. Otherwise, you may encounter errors when using the functionality of the added components.