Editing rich text content

To help you with editing of text fields, rich text editors in Xperience provide functionality similar to Microsoft Word. You can edit the content in a WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) manner, which is an intuitive way to create content. 

There are two types of rich text editors within the system:

Rich text widget

Used to edit content in the page builder interface, which can be found only in the Pages application on the Page tab of pages that support this feature.

Rich text field editor

Used to edit fields that support rich text within the administration interface. This editor can be found in numerous locations within the system. For example, in email marketing and when editing page fields on the Content tab in the Pages application.

Toolbar configurability

The toolbars of both rich text editors are completely customizable, which means that:

  • Some buttons and functionality may be hidden from your project.
  • The toolbar of the editor may be different in different locations within the system.
  • The overall appearance of the editor may be slightly different than screenshots in the documentation.

Consult with the developer of your project if you have questions about the functionality of the rich text editor.