Creating inherited web parts

Web part inheritance allows you to create specialized web parts based on other web parts. Inherited web parts use the same code files as the original, but you can:

To create an inherited web part:

  1. Open theĀ Administration interface application and switch to theĀ Web parts tab.
  2. Select the category where you want to place the web part.
  3. Click New web part.
  4. Select Inherit from an existing as the Web part option.
  5. Type a Display name for the inherited web part.
  6. Choose the parent web part through the Inherit from selector.
  7. Click Save.

Inherited web parts work like regular standalone web parts. The main difference is that inherited web parts have the Inherited from field showing the parent web part instead of the File name selector that specifies the source file.

Modify the properties of inherited web parts on the Properties tab.

You can:

  • Set the Default value for properties
  • Determine whether properties are visible in the web part configuration dialog (Display field in the editing form)
  • Modify the appearance and behavior of properties
  • Add additional properties

You cannot:

  • Remove inherited properties
  • Change the Field name, Data type or Size of inherited properties

Tip: Click Reset field to revert all settings of a modified property back to the original state (the system copies the property settings from the parent web part).

When you add new instances of the web part to a template, the system pre-configures the properties according to the specified values.