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On-line marketing features

The Xperience on-line marketing features enable you to attract new visitors to your websites, promote your business and products, and keep in touch with existing contacts and customers.

If you have the Kentico Xperience Business edition, the on-line marketing solution provides you with tools to:

  • Get a centralized overview of contacts who subscribe to newsletters on your websites
  • Segment contacts into contact groups manually
  • Create, manage and send out marketing emails organized into email feeds
  • Measure and analyze key metrics of your sites, such as page views and traffic sources

If you have the Kentico Xperience Enterprise edition, the on-line marketing solution also provides you with built-in tools to:

If you are an administrator or a developer, you can proceed to:

If you are a marketer or a content editor, you can proceed to:

Getting familiar with On-line marketing applications

Open the application list on the left. In the On-line marketing section, you can find the Xperience on-line marketing features.

Choosing from on-line marketing applications

Based on your user’s permissions, you may not see all of the applications.

If you have the Kentico Xperience Business edition, you may only see Contact groups, Contact management, Email marketing and Web analytics applications in the On-line marketing section.

If you use some of the applications frequently, you can add them to your applications dashboard and you do not need to open the application list every time.

Getting familiar with On-line marketing settings

The On-line marketing settings are used mostly by administrators, who take care of the actual running of the system. With the On-line marketing settings, you can configure the system to determine the behavior and functionality of your on-line marketing features.

In the Settings application, the On-line marketing setting tree also contains three main groups of settings:

On-line marketing settings