Setting up automatic web analytics data cleanup

You can configure the system to automatically delete old web analytics data that is no longer needed. The deletion is performed by the Remove analytics data global scheduled task. By default, this task is disabled to prevent unwanted deletion of data.

To enable automatic data removal for web analytics:

  1. Open the Scheduled tasks application.
  2. Select (global) in the Site selector.
  3. Edit () the Remove analytics data scheduled task.
  4. Configure how often the system runs the task using the scheduling options (Period, Start time, Every, Between, Days).
  5. Specify how old data must be before the task is allowed to remove it.
    • Type a number into the Task data field. This number indicates age in days, so the default value of 720 sets the task to delete only data that is approximately two years old.
  6. Select the Task enabled check box.
  7. Click Save.

The system regularly runs the task according to the set task interval and deletes all web analytics data older than the number of days specified in the Task data field.