Settings - On-line marketing

You can access these settings in the Settings application under the On-line marketing category.

On-line Marketing

Enable on-line marketing

Indicates if on-line marketing is enabled. This includes the following functionality:

  • Tracking of visitors on the live site as contacts. If the setting is disabled, users can still work with existing contacts in the administration interface.
  • Logging of on-line marketing activities.
  • Email marketing features, i.e. email tracking, A/B testing and bounced mail monitoring.


Enable A/B testing

Indicates if A/B testing of pages is allowed.

A/B testing allows you to define different variants of pages, and then evaluate which of them performs best on your website. When a visitor views the tested page on the live site for the first time, the system randomly displays one of the variants. From that point, the visitor’s activity on the website is logged and categorized under the given variant.

Learn more about A/B testing.

Content personalization

Enable content personalization

Indicates if content personalization is allowed and enabled. Content editors can personalize widgets to display different content based on conditions.