Allowing users to insert media links in page fields

You can use the Media selection form control to allow users to select files through page fields, when editing pages on the Content tab of the Pages application. Users can then select any file from any source – Page attachments and Media libraries.

To insert the media selection form control

  1. Open the Page types application.
  2. Edit () the page type into which you want to add the media selection field.
  3. Switch to the Fields tab.
  4. Add a new field by clicking New field.
  5. Fill in the properties of the new field as follows:
    • Field type: Standard field
    • Field name: MediaSelection
    • Data type: Text
    • Size: 300
    • Field caption: Media selection (for example)
    • Field description: any description that you want users to see when hovering over the field caption
    • Form control: Media selection (select via the (more items…) option)
  6. In Editing control settings, specify resizing options for images uploaded using this form control.
  7. Save the form control.

The system creates a new column in the page type’s database table. When a user inserts a link to a media using the form control, the link is stored in the column.