Resizing images on upload

You can configure global resizing for uploaded images in Settings -> System -> Files -> Image resizing.

The system automatically reduces the size of images when they are uploaded according to the values that you fill in for the Automatic image resize on upload (width, height, max side size) settings:

  • No values are entered – images are not resized.
  • Only width or only height – images are resized so that their width or height matches the entered value. The other dimension is also resized to preserve the image’s aspect ratio.
  • Both width and height – both dimensions of images are resized according to the specified values (if the given dimension is greater than the entered value). Aspect ratio is not preserved.
  • Max side size– if one of the image’s sides is larger than this value, the image is resized so that its larger side’s dimension matches the entered value. Aspect ratio is preserved and the width and height settings are not applied.

The image dimension values are measured in pixels.

These settings are applied by default when uploading images as:

  • media library files

  • page attachments

  • rich text page fields– uploading images using the rich text editor dialogs.

  • Field editor fields – uploading images using the following field types (form controls):

    • File data type -> Direct uploader form control
    • Text data type -> Media selection form control

The default resizing settings can be overridden by local settings in the particular parts of the user interface (e.g. field editor, editor dialogs, etc.).