Creating new pages

When designing sites, you can use pages to store structured content or create content using the page builder.

  1. Open the Pages application.

  2. In the Content tree, click on the item under which the new page should be placed.

  3. Click New (). Depending on the location of the newly created page, you may need to do the following:

    1. Select a page type from the list of available page types.
    2. Select a page template from the list of page templates. You can either select a default template or one of your custom templates with predefined content.
  4. Fill in the editing form on the Content tab or design the page using the Page builder.

    Creating the content of a page

  5. Click Save to confirm, or Save and create another to confirm and immediately start creating a new page of the same type.

You have created a new page and can now edit the page.