Settings - Web farm

You can access these settings in the Settings application under the Versioning & Synchronization -> Web farm category. 


Web farm mode

Disabled – web farm support is disabled. Web farm synchronization tasks are not generated.

Automatic – web farm servers are generated and deleted dynamically in the system. In this mode, the web farm is completely managed by the system. We recommend this mode for most environments.

Manual – when you add a server to a web farm, you must configure the server in the system (in the Web farm application on the Servers tab). Likewise, when you remove a server, you must remove it manually from the system. Otherwise, the web farm support will not work correctly. Choose this mode when you need a complete control over the web farm.

Maximum file size to be synchronized (kB)

Sets the maximum file size in kilobytes for files that should be synchronized.

Synchronization interval (milliseconds)

Defines the interval after which the generated web farm tasks are processed.

Allow synchronization for

In this category, you can enable or disable web farm synchronization of particular objects.