Managing custom tables

Custom tables allow you to create your own tables in the system database. You can manage the data in custom tables without using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio or any other database management tool.

Custom tables can be particularly useful for storing a large number of items in a flat data structure. In comparison, pages are not as efficient as custom tables for storing items in a flat structure. Refer to Defining website content structure for more information on the advantages of using custom tables over pages.

To display data from custom tables on the website, developers need to retrieve the content in the live site MVC application’s code and format it according to any requirements. See Retrieving content.

Additional information and scenarios

Custom table object type

If you need to specify the object type of the records in a custom table, use the following naming convention:

CustomTableItem.<code name>

For example, a custom table with code name CustomTable.Usershas records of type: