Writing page path expressions

Path expressions specify a set of pages from the content tree of Xperience websites. Path expressions are used when selecting pages in certain scenarios, for example when configuring the content of search indexes in the administration interface.

You can use two types of path values:

  • Exact paths of individual pages
  • Expressions containing wildcard characters that specify multiple pages

The expressions are based on the Alias path values of pages. Every page has a Page alias, which is a unique name identifying the page within the given section of the website. The Alias path of a page is formed from the given page’s alias, preceded by the aliases of all parent pages up to the root of the content tree. For example: /Store/Brewers/AeroPress

You can edit the Page alias and view the Alias path of a page in the Pages application on the Properties -> General tab -> Advanced section.

Using wildcard characters (% and _)

The % wildcard represents any number of characters.Add the wildcard to the end of the path to select all pages under the specified section of the site.


  • / –  only the root page
  • /% – all pages
  • /Products – only the Products page
  • /Products/% – all child pages under the Products page

The _ wildcard represents a single character. For example:

  • /Product_ – selects pages /ProductA, /Product1, Product2 etc.

Escaping wildcards in paths

If you need to use the wildcards as standard characters inside path expressions, enclose the character inside brackets ([ ]). For example:

  • /Special[_]Offers – selects the Special_Offers page