Managing form data

You can view and manage form records (data submitted by website users) in the Forms application:

  1. Open the Forms application.
  2. Edit () a form. The Recorded data tab of the form’s editing interface opens, where you can see the individual records.

Displaying form data

You can export form’s records into an external file using either the XLSX (Excel), CSV or XML format, using the  icon in the header of the Actions column. See Exporting data from the user interface for details.

When editing () or creating a record via the administration interface, you can enter or change the form field values (the editing interface uses different and simplified styling than the live site). Additionally, you can decide if the system sends notification and autoresponder emails when you save the record.

Accessing uploaded files

If your form contains a field for uploading files, you can access such files by editing () a form’s records. You can view or download the files using the link displayed next to the uploader field.

Form data from fields hidden by field visibility conditions is not recorded.

If your form contains a field with a defined form field visibility condition, the data entered in the field is not recorded when the field becomes hidden – the visibility condition is not met before submitting the form.

Using form data in on-line marketing features

The information collected via forms can be used to update the on-line marketing contacts that represent your website’s visitors. See Mapping fields to contact attributes to learn more.

You can also use form data to segment and process your site’s contacts. For example, you can build a contact group for visitors who used the word “buy” or the words “problems with” anywhere in the Description field of your form.

This functionality works for fields into which contacts enter text.

This option is available for the following features:

Use the Contact has filled in form field with value containing specific text in the last X days macro rule in the conditions of contacts groups or the rules of scores and personas. The system then segments or adds points to contacts who enter the specified text values into form fields.

Designing an on-line marketing condition based on submitted form data