Configuring customer credit

Your customers can purchase products and services that you offer in your on-line store using credit. If you decide to grant your customers credit, they receive the credit amount on their store account.

Typically, customer credit finds its application in various customer loyalty competitions. For example, the customers can receive bonus points/credit for their previous purchases, and can order some products once they achieve appropriate credit amount.

Your customers can pay for the purchased products using one payment method only, i.e. they cannot combine credit payment with some other form of payment.

This means that if the customers choose credit payment as the payment method, they must pay the whole order with their customer credit.

Using global or site credit

Xperience allows you to create a credit system that keeps the amount of credit globally or for every site separately.

  1. Open the Store configuration application (if you want to set the setting for the current site) or the Multistore configuration application (if you want to set the setting globally).

  2. Navigate to the Store settings -> Global objects tab.

  3. In the Use global settings for category, configure the Customers credit field:

    • Clear the Inherit from global settings option (only if you work in the Store configuration application).
    • Select the field below if you want to use global credit (one credit for all sites). Clear the field below if you want to use site credit (separate credit for every site).
  4. Click Save.

Enabling payment with credit

Before your registered customers can pay with their credit:

  1. Create a new payment method representing payment via customer credit.
  2. Developers need to use the Xperience API to implement the payment on the side of the live site application. Credit changes can be managed using the CreditEventInfo API class.