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External utilities

Many of the following utilities are part of the Kentico Xperience installation on your machine by default, while some need to be downloaded. To learn how to download and launch the utilities, see the linked sections of the documentation for each utility below.

Kentico AD Import Utility

Import users and groups from your Active Directory domain into Kentico Xperience.

Kentico Xperience Import Toolkit

Import data from just about any database into Kentico Xperience.

Kentico Xperience Installation Manager

Install, update, and maintain your Kentico Xperience instances from one place.

Kentico Xperience Hotfix and Upgrade Utility

Apply a hotfix or upgrade your Kentico Xperience instance to a new version.

 Kentico Xperience Service Manager

Install and manage Windows services that come with Kentico Xperience.