Displaying filters using alternative forms

You can use alternative forms to create filters for the records of page types or custom tables.

Filtering alternative forms must always use the reserved keyword filter as their Code name.

The filters are then displayed in the following parts of the Xperience administration interface:

By default, list filters appear when the number of records is 25 or more. You can change this limit by adding the following key into the appSettings section of your web.config file:

<add key="CMSDefaultListingFilterLimit" value="5" />

Filtering is possible based on all fields that store the following types of values:

  • Text
  • Boolean (Yes/No)
  • Integer numbers
  • Long integer numbers
  • Decimal numbers
  • Date & time

The required fields need to be displayed in the alternative form and an appropriate form control must be assigned to each field. A filter form control is available for each data type:

  • Text filter
  • Boolean filter
  • Number filter
  • Date & time filter

Additionally, you can use the Drop-down list or Radio buttons form controls to create a filter based on option selection (for any field data type). When configuring the Data source setting for such a field, you can use the same options as in the original form field. However, we recommend adding a default option with an empty value that does not perform any filtering. For example:

;(No filtering)