Running Xperience on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform for hosting and managing applications and services. 

Kentico Xperience supports hosting in Microsoft Azure App Services Web Apps and Virtual Machines. See the Microsoft Azure documentation for a detailed overview of each service:

Azure Blob Storage

If you are looking for information on how to connect your local Xperience project to Azure Blob Storage, see Configuring Azure storage.

Azure Web Apps

Microsoft Azure Web Apps is a service which allows you to create and host websites in the cloud. Azure Web Apps are quick to create and easy to set up and manage.

See Deploying to Azure Web Apps for a step-by-step process detailing the deployment of Xperience applications to Azure Web Apps.

Additional notes

  • If you wish to set up analysis tools for your application, we recommend you use health and performance monitoring tools provided by Azure such as Azure App Insights.
  • Azure does not provide remote desktop access to Web App applications. However, you can use tools like the Kudu console that provide remote command line access to the server the application is deployed on.

Azure Virtual Machines

Xperience applications that require a lot of customization may benefit from Virtual Machines deployments where the developer has the ability to control every aspect of the environment. Changes to code can be deployed using Visual Studio or other tools. Additionally, complex services and integrations can be easily managed via remote desktop.

We do not provide documentation for Azure Virtual Machines as the procedure is similar to running Xperience on a normal server. Visit Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Machines documentation to learn about managing and deploying applications to Azure VMs.