SQL search controls

SQL search controls allow users to search through the content of a website’s documents. The controls use the SQL search engine, which utilizes standard queries to find results in the Kentico database.

Note: Current versions of Kentico provide an index-based smart search engine. The smart search has significantly better performance than the SQL search.

The SQL search uses the following queries:

  • Automatically generated queries for the data of individual document types. To override the search query for a document type, create a new query named searchtree in Document types -> Edit document type -> Queries.
  • The searchdocuments query of the Root document type for fields that are shared by all documents (such as the document name).
  • The searchattachments query of the Root document type for files uploaded as document attachments. To search attachments, you need to configure the system as described in Configuring SQL search for attachment files.
Available controls: