Windows Live ID authentication

Windows Live ID is a single sign-on service provided and maintained by Microsoft. By integrating Live ID into your website, you can allow site visitors to log in to your website using their Live ID (Microsoft Account) name and password.

How to start using Windows Live ID

  1. Register an authentication application in the Microsoft Application Registration Portal (
  2. Set up Kentico for Live ID authentication.
  3. Add the Live ID web parts on one of your site’s pages to allow users to sign in.

When a user signs in through a third-party authentication service for the first time, Kentico automatically creates a new user account for this user. Learn more about managing users that sign in through a third-party authentication service.

How it works

The following diagram shows how the process of Live ID login works.

Windows LiveID login process

Registration approval and double opt-in

If your site is configured to requireregistration approval or double opt-in, first-time users who attempt to log in with their Live ID will be redirected to the standard logon page without any further information, which may lead to confusion.

This issue can be avoided by creating a Required user data page where users must enter an e-mail address for their account. When this is done, users will receive a notification e-mail about the status of their account.