Configuring sender e-mail addresses

Some applications within Kentico can be configured to send automated e-mails. You can modify the e-mail addresses from which these applications send e-mails in the Settings application. The table below lists all configurable sender e-mail addresses and their location and name within the Settings application:


Setting name



No-reply e-mail address

The system’s default sender e-mail address. Used for all types of automated system e-mails if no other e-mail address is specified.


Send e-mail notifications from

Sender address used for the following system e-mail notifications:

Content -> Blogs

Send blog e-mails from

Sender address of notification e-mails for blog comments, subscriptions, and content modifications.

Content -> Translation services

Default e-mail sender

Sender address used by the default e-mail translation service when no user e-mail address is available, for example in the case of translations submitted automatically or via the API.

Content -> Content management

Send workflow e-mails from

E-mail address of the workflow e-mails sender. You can also use the Someone<>format.

Security & Membership -> Passwords

Send password e-mails from

Sender address of password recovery e-mails.


Send e-commerce e-mails from

Sender address of e-commerce notification e-mails.

Community -> Forums

Send forum e-mails from

Sender address of forum notification and subscription confirmation e-mails.

Community -> Messaging

Messaging sender e-mail

Sender address of message notification e-mails.

Community -> Message boards

Send message board e-mails from

Sender address of notifications about new message board messages.

Intranet & Collaboration -> Events

Sender’s e-mail

Sender address of automaticevent registration confirmation messages.