Managing files in document libraries

This page explains how live site users can work with document libraries.

Permissions for particular actions

All of the actions listed below are not always available. They are displayed based on document permissions granted to the current user or their roles. Please consult the Configuring Document library security page for more details.

When a new document library is created, there are no files in it, so live site users can only see the web part with the following buttons:

  • New document
  • Library permissions

Once some files are uploaded in the document library, live site users can click next to individual files to perform the following actions:

  • Edit - only available if WebDAV editing is enabled. Opens the document in its associated editing application.
  • Update - replaces the document with another.
  • Localize - available only if the website has multilingual content. Allows you to translate the document to a different language version.
  • Copy
  • Delete
  • Open
  • Properties
  • Permissions
  • Version history
  • Workflow actions - only available if the document library is under a workflow. The actions allow you to approve or reject the document, or lock it for exclusive editing.

Managing files in a document library