Customers credit

Your customers can purchase products and services that you offer in your on-line store using credit. If you decide to grant your customers credit, they receive the credit amount on their store account.

Typically the Customers credit feature finds its application in various customer loyalty competitions. For example, the customers can receive bonus points/credit for their previous purchases, and can order some products once they achieve appropriate credit amount.

Your customers can pay for the purchased products using one payment method only, i.e. they cannot combine credit payment with some other form of payment.

This means that if the customers choose credit payment as the payment method, they must pay the whole order with their customer credit.

Enabling payment with credit

Before your registered customers can pay with their credit, you need to:

  • Ensure that the Credit payment method is registered and enabled.

  • Check the Credit payment method configuration in Store configuration -> Payment methods:

    • Payment gateway URL: leave blank

    • Payment gateway provider class

      • Assembly name: CMS.EcommerceProvider
      • Class: CMS.EcommerceProvider.CMSCreditPaymentProvider

Adding credit

The customer receives their credit when a store administrator adds a credit event to the customer history. This involves the following steps:

  1. Open the Customers application.
  2. Edit () a registered customer whose credit you want to raise.
  3. Switch to the Credit tab and enter the required credit details.
    • You can either create a new credit event, or update an existing one.

During your on-line store life cycle, the credit is added to/deducted from the customer’s site-specific or global credit balance. This depends on whether the customer uses site-specific or global credit on the current site (if enabled). You can find more details in Multisite store.

Checkout process

If your registered customers decide to pay with credit, they needn’t fill any additional information in the appropriate step (usually the Payment step) of the checkout process. After making the payment, the credit is reduced by an amount equal to the order total price in the default currency, and the order payment result is updated.

Paying with credit