Machine translation - Microsoft Translator

Kentico EMS required

Features described on this page require the Kentico EMS license.

Unsupported in the current version

The functionality for submitting content for translation to Microsoft Translator no longer works in this version of Kentico. If you wish to use this functionality, you need to upgrade to Kentico 11 or newer.

This service uses the Microsoft (Bing) Translator API to translate text. Microsoft Translator offers a free subscription for up to 2 million characters per month, higher editions must be purchased.

Configuring the Microsoft Translator service

To set up the Microsoft Translator service on your website:

  1. Sign up for a subscription to the Microsoft Translator on the Windows Azure Marketplace. You need to create a Windows Live ID account if you do not already have one.

  2. Register your website as an application on the Azure DataMarket.

  3. Log in to the Kentico administration interface and open the Settings application.

  4. Select the Content -> Translation services category.

  5. Enter the Client ID and Client secret of your application into the corresponding settings in the Microsoft Translator section.

  6. Click Save.

You can now translate documents and localization strings using the Microsoft Translator service.