E-commerce department administrators

Here you can learn how to assign your department administrators to departments containing products for which they are responsible. This prevents the administrators from accidentally modifying other products.

To allow a user, i.e. your department administrator, to manage products in given departments, you need to:

  1. Assign the role(s) whose member the given user is appropriate E-commerce Solution permissions. Specifically, you need to assign the Read and Modify permissions for products OR data (the user is thus able to access and manage products). If you have not assigned these permissions yet and need further advice, see E-commerce permissions.

  2. Assign the user to departments whose products they should manage OR assign the role(s) whose member the given user is the Access all departments permission.

    If you need to allow certain department administrators to access products from all departments regardless of the departments to which they are assigned, set the Access all departments permission for role(s) whose members these administrators are.