Reference - groups settings

Settings of the groups module are located in Settings -> Community. The following settings can be adjusted:

  • Group template path - alias path of the document that will be used, together with the documents stored under it, as a template for newly created groups; e.g. /Groups/Template
  • Groups security access path - alias path of a document to which users will be redirected when they try to access pages of a group to which they don’t have permissions; this page should contain the Group security message web part; e.g. /Groups/{GroupName}/Access
  • Group management path - alias path of the group management page, containing the Group profile web part; e.g. /Groups/{GroupName}/Management
  • Group profile path - alias path of the group profile page; e.g. /Groups/{GroupName}**
  • Invitation acceptation path - alias path of the document containing the Group invitation web part; this is a special web part handling requests for joining a group when a user clicks the joining link in a group invitation e-mail; e.g. /Special-pages/Invitation-acceptation.
  • Group invitation expires after (days) - when some user receives a group invitation e-mail, the link for joining the group included in the e-mail will be active for the number of days entered here. After the specified duration, the link will no longer be functional; when 0 is entered, the link will be functional permanently.
  • Use parent community group for new documents - indicates if new documents should inherit the value of the Owned by group property from their parent document.