Defining badges

You can define new badges of both types in the Badges application.

  1. In the Badges application, click New badge.
  2. Type a Display name. This name appears along with the badge image.
  3. Set an Image URL. This can be a URL, a relative path from the root of the web project (starting with “~/”) or a path under the default theme folder (~/App_Themes/Default/Images/), e.g. /Objects/CMS_Badge/Default/advancedmember.gif.
  4. If you want the badge to be automatically assigned to users based on activity points, enable Is automatic and specify a Top limit.

In case of automatic badges, the system assigns the badge to users who have less activity points than the limit. If a user fulfills this condition for multiple badges, the system always assigns the one with the lowest Top limit value.

In case of manual badges, an administrator must assign badges to users.