Settings - Search

On this page you can configure settings related to the search engine on your websites.


Exclude document types from SQL search

Specifies the document types that the system does NOT search when using SQL search. You can specify multiple document types separated by semicolons (;).

Exclude documents from SQL search

Specifies site sections that the system does NOT search when using SQL search.

Use path expressions to identify site sections or individual documents. You can enter multiple paths separated by semicolons (;).

Enable smart search indexing

Indicates if smart search indexing is enabled. This setting is only available if (global) is selected in the Site drop-down list, not for individual sites.

Allowed attachment file types

Specifies which file types are included when searching document attachments. The smart search indexes the content of attachments along with the related documents. Only applies to Document indexes that have the Include attachment content option enabled for their allowed content.

By default, the system can extract content for the following file types: xml, txt, csv, html, htm, pdf, docx, xlsx, pptx

Enter the allowed file types as file extensions without dots, separated by semicolons. If you leave the setting empty, all available file types are allowed.