Managing abuse reports

You can view and manage abuse reports in the Abuse report application.

List of abuse reports in the Abuse report application

You can use statuses to mark reports – you can choose from New, Solved and Rejected. Statuses are just for convenient marking of reports. Changing a status does not influence the reported content.

Editing a report

When you edit a report, the following information is displayed:

Property name



Title of the abuse report.


URL of the page from which the report was sent. Click it to get redirected to that page.


Website culture from that the report was sent.

Object type

Type of object that was the cause of this report. If blank, the report was sent from some document.

Object name

Code name of the object that was the cause of this report.

Reported by

Site user who submitted the report.

Reported when

Time when the report was submitted.


Website from that the report was submitted.


Abuse report status, the following are possible:

  • New - the report is new and has not been solved yet
  • Solved - necessary actions have already been taken
  • Rejected - the report was not considered being a case of website abuse


 Comment of the report entered by the reporting user.

Object details

If you edit a report related to a blog comment, board message or forum post, the Show object details link is displayed below the report comment.

Clicking the link opens a new window with details about the source of the report (the board message, blog comment or forum post). This functionality is ensured automatically by the web parts listed on the Integrating abuse reporting with other community features page. You can also achieve it in transformations of these object types using the In-line abuse report web part, as described in Adding abuse reporting functionality to transformations.

Required permissions for managing abuse reports

Permissions for the Abuse report module can be set in the Permissions application. Select the Modules -> Abuse report permission matrix and grant appropriate permissions to particular roles.

The following permissions can be granted to the roles:

  • Manage - members of the role are allowed to edit, delete, mark as solved and reject abuse reports.
  • Read - members of the role are allowed to view the abuse reports list.