Inserting widgets using the editor

You can use the editor to place widgets on the page. Once configured, widgets can serve as an input into the system or provide information to the visitors.

To learn about placing specific widgets in the editor, see:

You can can find more general information on this topic in Adding page content through widgets topic.

To place any other widget using the editor

  1. With your mouse, click where in a text area you want to place the widget.

  2. On the editor toolbar, click on the Insert/Edit widget button. A Select widget dialog appears.

    Inserting widget

  3. Select the widget that you want to place.

  4. Click on OK.

    Selecting a widget

  5. Specify the widget properties. (Some widgets skip the property configuration dialog).

    Configuring widget properties

  6. Click on OK. The system places the widget.

  7. Save the document.

Attachment image gallery widget