Changing document type icons

Kentico allows you to upload your own icons and associate them with document types. You can also use a font icon class as a document type representation.. This can be useful if you create custom document types or if you want particular document types to be more easily recognizable in various parts of the system. For example, when users want to create a new document type.

To change a document type icon:

  1. Open the Document types application.
  2. Edit () the document type.
  3. On the Generaltab, you choose between two types of images:
    • Image - upload a standard image file


      • Document type icon files must be in the .PNG format.
      • The system automatically converts the image you upload to the appropriate size. However, we recommend at least 16x16 pixels for the small icon and 48x48 pixels for the large icon.
    • Font icon class - enter the name of a CSS class that defines a font icon

  4. Save the changes.

You have changed a document type icon.

Where does the system use document type icons?

Users can see the smaller document type icons in, for example, the content tree of the Pages application.

Document type icons displayed in the content tree

Users can see the larger document type icons in, for example, the Insert link webpage dialog on the Content -> Tiles and Thumbnails tabs:

Large document type icons in the Insert link dialog