Settings - Staging

On this page you can adjust settings related to the Content staging functionality.

Client (source only)

Log content changes

Specifies whether content change tasks are generated. Check for source server.

Log data changes

If enabled, staging tasks are logged when data in custom tables are modified.

Log object changes

Specifies whether the object change tasks are generated, check for source server.

Log staging changes

If enabled, synchronization tasks are created for changes made by synchronization from another server to this server

Log export tasks

Specifies whether tasks are logged for the export feature when objects are deleted (incremental update support).

Staging service (target only)

Enable staging service

Specifies whether the staging service is enabled. Check for target server.

Staging service authentication

Sets the authentication type used by the staging service.

See Using X.509 authentication.

Staging service user name

Staging service user name for username authentication.

Staging service password

Staging service password for username authentication.

Note: After you enter and save a password, the field always displays 8 “masking” characters, even if the password is longer or shorter. This measure helps protect your password.

X509 Certificates

Client key ID

Staging service client certificate key ID.

Server key ID

Staging service server certificate key ID.