Defining notification gateways

You can define new e-mail gateways for notification messages in the Notifications application. You can set the following properties when creating new gateways or editing existing gateways.


Display name

Display name of the notification gateway.

Code name

Code name of the gateway.


Text describing the gateway.


If unchecked, the notification gateway is not functional. This can be useful if you want to temporarily disable the gateway so that no messages will be sent, e.g. when you are performing some administration tasks.

If checked, the gateway works normally.

Gateway settings

Assembly name

Name of the assembly in which the gateway code is stored.

Class name

Name of the class containing the gateway code; must be entered including the assembly name.

Supports message subject

Check if the gateway’s message format supports message subjects.

Supports HTML text

Check if the gateway supports messages in HTML format (e.g. for e-mails).

Supports plain text

Check if the gateway supports plain text format (e.g. for SMS).