LinkedIn authentication

LinkedIn is a business‑related social media website. By integrating LinkedIn authentication into your website, you can let users log in to your website using their LinkedIn user name and password.

Important: Due to changes in the LinkedIn API, the LinkedIn authentication functionality in Kentico 10 is no longer supported (see the Developer Program Updates announcement for details). To use the feature, you need to upgrade to the latest version of Kentico.

How to start using LinkedIn authentication

  1. Register your application at - see Creating your LinkedIn application.
  2. Set up Kentico for LinkedIn authentication - see Settings - LinkedIn.
  3. Use one of the LinkedIn web parts on any page of your site - see Web parts available for LinkedIn authentication.

When a user signs in through a third-party authentication service for the first time, Kentico automatically creates a new user account for this user. Learn more about managing users that sign in through a third-party authentication service.

How it works

The following diagram illustrates how the process of LinkedIn authentication works:

LinkedIn authentication process