Allowing users to subscribe to content change notifications

You can allow users to subscribe to notifications using the Notification subscription or Content subscription web part (Content subscription is a specialized version of Notification subscription). Site visitors can subscribe to notifications about the following types of events:

  • Page has been created
  • Page has been updated
  • Page has been deleted

Subscribing to content change notifications using a web part

Setting up content change notifications using a web part

In this example, you will learn how to add the Content subscription web part to your site and set it up.

In order for you to see the full functionality, it is necessary to have a SMTP server configured correctly.

  1. Select the page on which you want to display the Content subscription web part.
  2. Switch to the Design tab.
  3. Place the Content subscription web part.
  4. Set the Web part properties.
    Setting the Content subscription web part properties
  5. Save & Close.

Verifying the content subscription functionality

Let’s switch to the site visitor’s perspective now:

  1. Open Live site on the page you placed the web part on.
    • As notifications are available only for registered users, the web part should not be visible if you try signing out.
  2. Type in your e-mail address into the E-mail field and click Subscribe.
  3. Verify your subscription:
    1. Open the My profile application.
    2. Switch to the Notifications tab. You should see the notification subscription there.

Verifying the notification functionality

Now you can verify that the whole setup works and sends notifications as it should:

  1. Perform the event that you configured in the web part.
  2. You should receive a new notification e-mail about the event.

Managing user notifications

  • Site administrators can manage subscriptions of particular users in theUsers application. Edita particular user and switch to the Notifications tab.
  • Site visitors registered on the site can manage their subscriptions using the My account web part, on the Notifications tab.
  • System users can can manage their own subscriptions in My profile -> Notifications.