E-commerce customization model

To learn how you can customize the system’s behavior and the behavior of the system’s selected modules according to your specific requirements, see Customizing providers. 

This customization is available also for the E-commerce Solution. This means that you can override its default behavior and calculations by using custom providers ensuring various operations.


Your Kentico installation includes examples of E-commerce Solution customization. To access these samples:

  1. Open your installation directory (by default C:\Program Files\Kentico\<version>).
  2. Expand the CodeSamples\App_Code Samples\ sub-directory.
  3. Copy the E-commerce samples folder into the CMS\App_Code\CMSModules\Ecommerce\ folder of your web project.

Web application installations

If you installed your Kentico project in the web application format, copy the examples into the Old_App_Code folder instead.

You must also manually include the sample class files into the project:

  1. Open your Kentico application in Visual Studio.
  2. Expand the CMSApp project in the Solution Explorer.
  3. Click Show all files at the top of the Solution Explorer.
  4. Navigate to Old_App_Code\CMSModules\Ecommerce, right-click the new E‑commerce samples folder and select Include in Project.

Now you can view the code of the sample customized providers and try out their functionality. See Registering providers using assembly attributes for further details.