Web analytics

Web analytics provide a way to measure and later analyze key metrics of your website such as visits, page views, file downloads, traffic sources and much more. Monitoring is only done on the live site, so actions that take place on the pages belonging to the Kentico administration interface are not included in the statistics.

Web analytics overview

In addition to measuring various statistics for the website and its pages, web analytics are also used by several other on‑line marketing features in the Kentico EMS edition:

You can manage the analytics data directly in the interface – save the selected data and generate sample data for evaluation purposes.


Web analytics only track content and events related to pages managed by Kentico. It cannot track other content, such as html files or media files that are not served by Kentico.

You may notice a delay between the time that an event occurs on the website and the time the web analytics statistics are updated. All tracked events are first stored in temporary files on the local file system and need to be processed by a scheduled task.