Enabling marketing email tracking

When using email feeds, it is important to determine their overall effectiveness and optimize the individual marketing emails according to the results. You can achieve this by tracking the sent emails and monitoring the reactions of recipients.

First, you need to enable on-line marketing if you want to use marketing email tracking for contact group recipients:

  1. Go to Settings -> On-line marketing.
  2. Ensure that the Enable on-line marketing setting is enabled for your website.
  3. Click Save.

Individual marketing emails have tracking enabled by default. You can check the configuration of individual email feeds:

  1. Open the Email marketing application on the Email feeds tab.
  2. Edit () an email campaign or a newsletter.
  3. Switch to the Configuration tab.
  4. Make sure that Track opened emails and Track clicked links are enabled.
  5. Click Save.

The system now measures the statistics of marketing emails sent to recipients.


  • You cannot use tracking retroactively for emails that have already been sent before you enabled the settings.
  • The system does not include draft emails in the tracking statistics.

To manually disable tracking for a link in a template-based marketing email:

  1. Open the Email marketingapplication on the Email feeds tab.
  2. Edit () an email campaign or a template-based newsletter.
  3. On the Emails tab, edit () an email that have not been sent yet.
  4. On the Content tab, click Source on the editor toolbar to switch to source mode.
  5. Insert the tracking=“false” attribute into the <a> tag of the given hyperlink.

For example: <a href=“http://www.kentico.com/home.aspxtracking=“false”>Kentico</a>

In addition, tracking excludes the following links automatically:

  • Unsubscription links generated by the {%UnsubscribeLink%} expression (marketing emails keep separate unsubscription statistics by default)
  • Links to local anchors within the content of the email