Managing suppliers

The Kentico E-commerce Solution allows you to specify a supplier for each product. You can use this information typically for your internal purposes to optimize your e-business.

Assigning suppliers to products

To assign a supplier to a product:

  1. Open the Products application.
  2. Add a new product or Edit () an existing product.
  3. In the Supplier field on the General tab, select a supplier or add a new one.
    Editing a product - selecting a supplier
  4. Click Save.

The system assigns the supplier to the product.

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Creating and editing suppliers

To create or edit a supplier:

  1. Open the Suppliers application.
  2. Click New supplier or Edit () an existing supplier.
    Managing suppliers
  3. Enter supplier properties.
  4. Click Save.

The system creates a new supplier or edits an existing supplier.

You can create new suppliers also when assigning a supplier to a product in the Products application.

However, you cannot set all available supplier properties from there.

Removing suppliers

To remove a supplier:

  1. Open the Supplier application.
  2. Delete () a supplier.
  3. Click OK in the confirmation dialog.

The system removes the supplier from all products where the supplier was assigned and then deletes the supplier.

Reference – Supplier properties

Display nameSpecifies the name of the supplier displayed to the users on the live site and in the administration interface.
Code name

Specifies the name of the supplier used by developers in the code.

If you leave this field blank, it will be filled automatically.

Supplier emailAllows you to enter the supplier's email address.
Supplier phoneAllows you to enter the supplier's phone number.
Supplier faxAllows you to enter the supplier's fax number.
EnabledSpecifies whether you can use the supplier in your on-line store for a product.

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