Installing Kentico integration packages

Kentico provides integration (NuGet) packages that help with the development of MVC websites. You can integrate the following types of NuGet packages into your project:

Installing Kentico integration packages

  1. Visual Studio -> Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Manage NuGet Packages for Solution…
  2. Search for Kentico.
  3. Install the necessary packages.

Kentico.Web.Mvc integration package

The main purpose of the Kentico.Web.Mvc integration package is to help you start developing your MVC applications with as few manual steps as possible. The package contains the necessary items to make your MVC application work with the Kentico application.

The package has a dependency on the Kentico.Libraries integration package, so the installation automatically includes all Kentico assemblies that you need in an external application.

Additionally, the Kentico.Web.Mvc integration package allows you to use the following features:

To use other features, you need to separately install the corresponding packages listed in the General integration packages section.

Kentico.Libraries integration package

NuGet package containing all the Kentico assemblies that you need to work with Kentico in an external application. Installation automatically includes the Kentico.Libraries.Dependencies package, which provides third-party libraries that are required for the Kentico API to work correctly.

Important: Always use the Kentico.Libraries package with the same version as the version of your Kentico application. For example, if you are using Kentico 10.0.1, you need to use the 10.0.1 version of the Kentico.Libraries package. See how you can apply a hotfix to your Kentico installation.

Note: If you install the Kentico.Libraries package in a class library project and later include the class library project in a web application project that doesn’t contain the Kentico.Web.Mvc package, you must install Kentico.Libraries package in the web application project as well.

General integration packages


NuGet package containing files required for the English localization of Kentico. Individual Kentico features depend on the localization files.


NuGet package that contains API for working with attachments, media library files, and preview mode.



NuGet package that contains API for generating URLs to media library files on MVC websites.

See: Working with media libraries on MVC sites


NuGet package that contains improved API for working with smart search.

See: Providing smart search on MVC sites


NuGet package that provides an API for integrating Kentico membership data (users and roles) with your MVC website.

See: Working with users on MVC sites


NuGet package that contains improved API for creating and running on-line stores.

See: Developing on-line stores in MVC


NuGet package that contains an API for tracking contacts on MVC websites.

See: Tracking contacts on MVC sites


NuGet package that contains API for tracking activities that are not logged automatically.

See: Logging activities on MVC sites


NuGet package that contains API for logging the external search and page related activities.

See: Enabling tracking of activities on MVC sites


NuGet package that contains API for logging of page visits for on-line marketing campaigns.

See: Tracking campaigns on MVC sites


NuGet package that contains API for managing newsletter subscriptions and unsubscriptions for all types of email feeds.

See: Handling newsletter subscriptions on MVC sites


NuGet package that contains API for tracking marketing emails.

See: Tracking marketing emails on MVC sites


NuGet package that provides a framework for creating automated tests for the Kentico API. Contains base classes for tests and additional supporting API.


NuGet package that provides Kentico SQL debug information via the Glimpse web diagnostic platform.

See: Debugging SQL queries with Glimpse on MVC sites