Contact groups, personas and scoring on MVC sites

Kentico EMS required

Features described on this page require the Kentico EMS license.

You can use the contact groups, personas and scoring features of Kentico with websites that are presented by a separate MVC application. 

You need to enable tracking of contacts and logging of activities on your MVC sites, so that the contact groups, personas and scoring features work correctly in your MVC application. However, it is still the Kentico application that keeps the processes related to these features running. Because the Kentico application itself does not usually receive traffic from site visitors, you need to keep the application alive. For example, you can set the Idle Time-out (minutes) setting of your IIS application pool to 0.

Contact groups

Contact groups allow you to organize your contacts into segments. Dividing your site visitors into groups of people with shared characteristics can help you accurately target your contacts when, for example, sending marketing emails.

For more information, see Contact groups.


Personas allow you to define the typical visitor groups of your sites. Once you have defined personas, the system assigns contacts to the persona they fit the best. Using personas, you can display different content to each persona that you have defined.

For more information, see Personas.


Scoring is an on-line marketing method that allows you to evaluate your contacts by assigning numeric values to them. The system automatically calculates scores for contacts based on their properties and activities performed on the websites.

For more information, see Scoring contacts.