Implementing on-line marketing features on MVC sites

The Kentico Integrated Marketing Solution provides a variety of on-line marketing features that you can run when creating your sites using the ASP.NET MVC framework. You develop your MVC application separately from the Kentico application, which you use as a content platform with on-line marketing data. Both applications access the same database.

To leverage the on-line marketing functionality of Kentico, use the on-line marketingintegration packages:

  • Kentico.ContactManagement
  • Kentico.Activities
  • Kentico.Activities.Web.Mvc
  • Kentico.CampaignLogging.Web.Mvc
  • Kentico.Newsletters
  • Kentico.Newsletters.Web.Mvc

The packages contain supporting models and services that help implement the on-line marketing features.

Supported on-line marketing integration with MVC