Registering your application to use Microsoft accounts

To enable users on your website to sign in with personal Microsoft accounts, you need to register an application with the Microsoft identity platform:

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Select the Azure Active Directory service and then App registrations.
  3. Click New registration.
  4. Enter an appropriate Name for your authentication application.
  5. In the Supported account types area, select Accounts in any organizational directory and personal Microsoft accounts.
  6. In the Redirect URI area, select Web and enter the full URL of your website’s default page (Home page).
  7. Click Register.
  8. On the application Overview, note down (copy) the Application (client) ID value.
  9. Switch to the Authentication tab and add another Redirect URI:
    1. Set the type to Web.
    2. Enter the URL of your website’s CMSPages/LiveIDLogin.aspx system page. Include the fully qualified domain name (including the protocol and virtual directory), for example:
    3. Click Save.
  10. Switch to the Certificates & secrets tab and click New client secret.
  11. Create the client secret and note down (copy) the value.

For further information about Microsoft authentication applications, see:

Your authentication application is ready. Next, you need to enter the Application ID and client secret values into the corresponding settings in Kentico.