Email templates for groups

In the Email templates application, you can find the email templates used for the automatic group‑related email notifications. Messages based on the following templates are sent to users when they attempt to join a group or invite a new member:

  • Groups - Member joined confirmation - sent to users who join a group that does not require membership approval.
  • Groups - Member joined waiting for approval - sent to users who apply to groups where approval is needed.
  • Groups - Member approved - informs users that their group membership has been approved.
  • Groups - Member rejected - sent to users if their attempt to join a group was rejected by the group’s administrators.
  • Groups - Member invitation - sent to users who are invited to a group by an existing member.
  • Groups - Member accepted invitation - used to inform group members that their invitation was accepted by the recipient.

The templates below are used for notifications sent to group or community administrators:

  • Groups - Member join - notifies group administrators when a new member joins their group.
  • Groups - Member waiting for approval - lets administrators know that a new group member is waiting for their approval.
  • Groups - Member leave - notifies group administrators when a member leaves their group.
  • Groups - Waiting for approval - sent to community administrators when a new group is created (if it requires approval).

You can use the following context macros to include dynamic values in their text. Some of the macros are only available in certain templates, for example, invitation values and objects can only be accessed in templates related to invitation notifications.

  • {% AcceptionURL %} - resolves into the URL of a page where users can accept an invitation to join a group. See Invitation acceptation path in Settings - Groups for more details.
  • {% InvitedBy %} - returns the name of the user who sent the invitation.

You can also access the following objects and their properties (for example, {% MemberUser.FullName %} ):

  • {% Group %} - GroupInfo object of the group related to the notification.
  • {% MemberUser %} - UserInfo object of the user who is attempting to join the group.
  • {% Invitation %} - InvitationInfo object that can be used to access the properties of the group invitation.
  • {% Sender %} - UserInfo object representing the user who accepted the invitation (usable in the Member accepted invitation template).
  • {% Recipient %} - UserInfo object of the user who originally sent the invitation (usable in the Member accepted invitation template).
  • {% GroupMember %} - GroupMemberInfo object representing the new member who accepted the invitation to join the group.

In addition to the special macros listed above, you can also use all other standard macro expressions in the templates. See Macro expressions for more information about macro expressions in Kentico.