Adding banners to a page as web parts

Banners are an advertisement of various sizes displayed on the site. The Banners application also allows users to monitor statistics, namely impressions (banner views) and clicks. Once banners are placed on the pages where you want to display them and configured, content editors and marketers can make use of them.

Adding the Banner rotator web part

To add a banner to a page as a web part, you need to have the Design website permission for the Design module. You can use the Banner rotatorweb part that offers more settings than the Banner rotator widget, which is designed to be used by content editors.

The Banner rotator web part displays banners from a specified category. When you place the web part on a page, it renders the value stored in the Banner content property of the banner, encapsulated in an <a> (anchor) element.

To place the Banner rotator web part on your page:

  1. Open the Pages application.
  2. Select a page in the page tree.
  3. Switch to the Design tab.
  4. Placethe Banner rotator web part.
  5. Adjust the web part properties.
  6. (Optional) Hover over the individual properties to display additional information in the tool tips.

Displaying banners

When a user requests a page that contains the Banner rotator web part, the web part selects a banner from the specified category and displays it.

The following factors are taken into account when selecting a banner:

  • The Enabled checkbox of a banner must be selected in order for the banner to be displayed.
  • Current time must be between the values of the Valid from and Valid to properties.
  • The Impressions left attribute must have a value greater than zero.
  • The Clicks left attribute has to be greater than zero.

Another parameter that plays part in the process of selecting banners is the Weight property. The higher the weight of a banner, the more often that particular banner is selected by the rotator. The number is decimal, which means you can set a new banner between existing ones without changing their values. For example, if you have two banners with values 4 and 5, you can add a new one with the weight set to 4.5.